Airbnb Continues Working Towards Inclusion

Just as Twitter is battling harassment, Airbnb if facing its own demons: hosts who discriminate. A report published in September by Harvard researchers found that, as previously believed, hosts are less likely to accept reservations from guests who are African-American.... Read more →

Toshiba Resignations

Toshiba has announced the resignation of the chief executive and seven other board members in the wake of an accounting scandal. An independent report found that the company had overstated earnings by $1.2 billion over seven years. In a news... Read more →

Facebook Encourages a $15 Wage and Other Benefits

Facebook is taking a stand to increase wages. In a statement, COO Sheryl Sandberg described new standards for companies who want to do business with Facebook. The first paragraph is shown here: Sandberg writes that this is "the right thing... Read more →

Welsh Bus Company Rethinks Sexy Ad

Are people just too sensitive, or did this Welsh bus company cross a line with its ad? The picture of a naked woman with a provocative line was created for a Cardiff, Wales, company promoting its cross-city service. A representative... Read more →