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McDonald's "Our Food, Your Questions" Campaign

McDonald's FoodMcDonald's is trying a more direct approach to addressing concerns about its food. In a new campaign, "Our Food, Your Questions," the company promises to respond to consumers' questions.

Some say it does so too willingly. A Huffington Post article, "Only McDonald's Would Advertise That Its Food Rots," questions the strategy. In a video featuring former "MythBusters" host Grant Imahara, we see a hamburger decomposing—not the most attractive sight. Apparently, this busts the myth that McDonald's food is indestructible.

Another video starts with the questions, "Are there lips and eyeballs in there?" and "At what point do we inject the pink slime?" Such a direct approach may raise more questions than it answers.

A TIME article also criticizes McDonald's. According to the writer, the company's campaign misses obvious questions about antibiotics and whether eggs are from cage-free chickens:

"If McDonald’s really wants to connect with consumers, it should take a hard look at the practices behind the ingredients it uses and begin to change them incrementally. It could take a real stand for sustainability—including changing to suppliers and producers who raise meat without antibiotics. As the biggest fast food company in the nation, McDonald’s choices are no small potatoes. A change like that could mean a much happier meal."

Discussion Starters:

  • What's your view of the new campaign? On balance, will McDonald's get the results it wants?
  • McDonald's denies that this campaign is related to its poor performance. August showed the worst sales results in more than ten years. What do you think?