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Hillary Announces Her Campaign for President

In a YouTube video, Hillary Clinton announced she will run for president in 2016.

The video is a fresh approach, but it's getting its share of criticism. A Washington Post article described the strategy:

"Notably, all the people in the video express cautious optimism about the next chapter in their lives. The key here is the tone. Over the weekend, the New York Times reported that Clinton’s advisers, after pondering how to handle GOP efforts to link her to Obama, had concluded that her best bet is not to distance herself from Obama’s record, but to praise the economic progress he has made, and promise a 'new chapter' designed to build on it, one focused on giving those “everyday Americans” a better shot at getting ahead."

Hillary logoSome see the video as too "corporate" and unclear. Others are surprised that she doesn't mention foreign policy, particularly because she was Secretary of State for five years and has plenty of international experience.

Her logo isn't going unscathed either. Critics say it looks like it was designed by a third-grader or in MS Paint. Others say it's reminiscent of a hospital sign or FedEx's logo.

Comparing her announcement for 2016 to 2008, we see clear differences in style and focus. Some contrast her focus on domestic issues now with the Iraq War in 2008. At the time, she was criticized for initially supporting the Iraq War, and some speculate that caused trouble for her in the race against President Obama. 

Discussion Starters:

  • How would you describe the key messages of Clinton's 2016 campaign video?
  • What's your view of the video? Assess the content, tone, graphics, and so on?
  • What other differences between these two videos do you find relevant?