Air Canada CEO Gets Defensive
How Not to Apologize

TempAs Texas prepares for Hurricane Harvey, government officials and news organizations are preparing communications to help:

  • President Trump issued a statement about monitoring the storm and encouraging people to evacuate if they are in the Hurricane's path. The president is also tweeting about the storm.
  • His statement points to, a website rich with resources for preparing families in case of flooding, hurricanes, or extreme heat.
  • CNN's website shows live updates of the storm's path.
  • The National Hurricane Center is posting coastal warnings and a visual of the cone.
  • Texas Governor Greg Abbott was interviewed by BBC and is hosting a meeting to plan emergency operations. (His website includes a tweet but nothing else yet about the storm.)

And, of course, the media is covering the storm with bold headlines:

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  • Explore What do you notice about the key messages, organization, and use of visuals? How easy is it to find information?
  •, as of now, doesn't feature Hurricane Harvey; it's generic. Should the site be updated to feature the storm? Why or why not?
  • Also explore Governor Abbott's website. Does this site feature the hurricane yet? How do you think the hurricane should be positioned here?