Sweetery's Harsh Response to a Bride
NFL Owner Criticized for Comment

TempActor Anthony Rapp has accused fellow actor Kevin Spacey of sexual assault when Rapp was 14 years old. Rapp is known for his roles in Rent, Star Trek: Discovery, and A Beautiful Mind, while Spacey has a long history of movie credits and is currently co-starring in House of Cards.

Spacey responded to the allegations with an apology statement, and he took the opportunity to come out as a gay man. He is facing harsh criticism for deflecting attention away from the situation and for possibly linking being gap to pedophilia, an unfounded but common association.

CaptureSusan McCarthy, who manages SorryWatch, created "Bad Apology Bingo" and "Bad Apology Bingo Two" as lessons for what not to include in an apology statement. 

In addition to the public backlash, Netflix has announced that House of Cards, currently filming its sixth season, will not film a seventh. Also, Spacey will not receive the special Emmy award that was planned for new month.


  • What's your view of the Spacey's response and the backlash?
  • Did Netflix and the Emmy Awards do the right thing? Why or why not?