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A fraternity member's death was the last straw for the president of Florida State University. John E. Thrasher suspended all fraternity and sorority activities on campus, calling for "a new normal for Greek life." Temp

The student death, which occurred during pledging, follows another student death in September and cocaine charges for another member. In a statement, Thrasher explained the decision and called on the Greek community to find innovative practices. He emphasized the importance of the pause: "The president said this pause is needed to review and reflect on the loss of a young life."

In a long list, the university itemizes what is not allowed, including meetings or events, and specific FSU activities are mentioned, such as Homecoming "pomping, skit night, or spear-it night."


  • The university website refers to the decision as an "indefinite interim suspension." Sounds redundant, doesn't it? Do you think this is intentional or a grammatical oversight?
  • Assess the university's FAQs. How well does the administration anticipate and address questions?
  • The president is demonstrating compassion and courage, but of course, not everyone agrees with the decision. What are the counterarguments?