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Indiana University Is Next to Suspend Greek Life

TempIndiana University is following what is starting to be trend: suspending campus Greek life. University officials say activities are banned until at least the spring. The decision follows similar recent actions by Texas State University, Ohio State University, Ball State, and the University of Michigan after various charges of hazing, drug and alcohol abuse, and a death at Penn State.

Indiana's Interfraternity Council President wrote, "We are looking forward to working with our partners on campus as well as national headquarters and alumni to achieve our common goal of creating a sustainable environment for all our chapters to excel in future endeavors."

Indiana is trying to enforce its standards for fraternities and sororities, which is detailed in a "Agreement for Greek Organizations." The agreement focuses on providing and maintaining a safe environment, including not participating in hazing and controlling events where alcohol is served.


  • What effect do you think these suspensions will have on Greek life?
  • What actions, if any, has your university taken? What do you think should happen?
  • I can't find a statement from Indiana University. Should the administration issue one?