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TempUber's new CEO Dara Khosrowshahi may be having a tougher time than he anticipated. New charges have been issued against the company, including paying off a hacker to keep quiet about stolen customer information.

An analyst on Bloomberg said, "The payment of ransom is egregious, and the lack of investment in proactive cybersecurity measures...was beyond the pale." Other industry experts agree. “I was shocked,” a CTO officer at Menlo Security Inc. “Companies need to own up.” The board recently began an investigation into the $100,000 payment, and they terminated the chief security office and another employee as a result.

Before this incident, Bloomberg reports that Khosrowshahi was already apologizing for the company's past actions:

Since he took over, London moved toward outlawing the service, citing “a lack of corporate responsibility.” Uber is appealing. (“I apologise for the mistakes we’ve made,” Khosrowshahi said in response.) He then traveled to Brasilia to meet with officials there and ward off restrictions on Uber’s business. (“In the past, we were a bit aggressive,” he told a Brazilian newspaper.) And now the mishandled data breach. (“We will learn from our mistakes.”)

I will argue what I have in the past on this blog in my new book on Building Leadership Character: Travis Kalanick lacked humility. He believed he was above the law and therefore wouldn't be help accountable for anything.


  • Do you agree with my assessment of Kalanick? Why or why not?
  • What can Khosrowshahi do to rebuild the company image?