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TempWhen David Chang's restaurant, Momofuku, received a negative review in the New York Times in 2016, he didn't respond with humility. In addition to lots of cursing, Chang rejected the criticism (f-words omitted):

“I can’t ever read that review again—I’ll get so ___ angry, I’ll die. I made a lot of that food! I tasted it! It was delicious. And . . . ___! I believe in the ___ food we make in that restaurant, I believe it to be really delicious, I believe it to be innovative . . .”

This week, we see a different David Chang. A negative online comment received a warning: "Ruh roh, cue Chang rage," but we see an open, humble response from the man himself:

"[N]o Rage. We learn from this and will make them better. We didn't execute and that's on us."


  • Assess Chang's response to @oafloaf. Who are his primary and secondary audiences, and what does he hope to accomplish?
  • How do you explain Chang's different reactions? The sources are different, and it's one year later. What else?