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Morgan Spurlock Admits Sexual Misconduct

Temp 1Companies have finally tackled the "Christmas" controversy to call their annual gatherings "Holiday" parties, and now they have a new challenge. With all of the sexual harassment allegations, how can they make their parties safe AND fun?

Bloomberg reports how some companies are addressing the issue. Vox Media Inc., for example, ended its open-bar tradition, which has disappointed some employees, and Besh Restaurant Group will limit alcohol consumption. Uber and Creative Artists Agency cancelled their parties after allegations of harassment, while other companies are forging ahead as planned.

The number of parties has been decreasing, anyway, since the 90's, and fewer companies include alcohol at their events.

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  • What do you think companies should do about their holiday party this year? What are the arguments for and against having party with alcohol.
  • According to one survey, 90% of employees would rather have a bonus or extra vacation days than attend a company holiday party. Why do companies still have them at all?