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Flint, Michigan, is in the news again for poor water quality. After findings of too much lead in drinking water, the city was under an agreement to replace faulty pipes, provide water filters, and report on progress. However, advocacy groups say the city is already falling short of the terms set in March of this year. According to the NPR article, "City and state officials did not immediately respond to the allegations."

Although some water service lines have been replaced, the number is not keeping pace with the agreement. Critics say that "all of the City's status reports have been late, incomplete, inaccurate, or a combination thereof."

The government has its own messaging on a website from the mayor's office. According to the data and chart, the city is "on track."



  • Read the criticism and the mayor's report. What are the discrepancies, and how do you account for them?
  • What else, if anything, should the city do to communicate its progress and demonstrate accountability?