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Morgan Spurlock Admits Sexual Misconduct

Temp 1Documentarian Morgan Spurlock published an account of his sexual conduct, admitting, "I am part of the problem." He demonstrates vulnerability and describes a situation which a woman describes as rape. He also admits that he was "unfaithful to every wife and girlfriend I have ever had." Spurlock is the first public figure who admitted misconduct before he was accused.

His most famous movie was Super Size Me, which criticized McDonald's for unhealthy food. Super Size Me 2: Holy Chicken! was going to premiere at the Sundance Film Festival but will be withdrawn. In addition, Spurlock's production company, Warrior Poets, announced that he will step down:

On behalf of Warrior Poets, we as partners have always supported our company and its endeavors. As of today, Morgan Spurlock will be stepping down effective immediately.

We will continue to lead the company as equal partners, producing, distributing & creating from our independent production company.

Co-Founder & Partner Jeremy Chilnick
and Partner Matthew Galkin


  • What's your view of Spurlock's statement, which some call a "confessional"? Some consider it trite, while others applaud his openness.
  • Was it best for Spurlock to step down from Warrier Poet? Why or why not?