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At a campaign rally the day before her husband's election for U.S. Senator, Kayla Moore tries to convince audiences that he is a good man. As Roy Moore is accused of sexual assault and harassment of minors, Mrs. Moore tells the audience, "One of our lawyers is a Jew."

Mrs. Moore apparently didn't realize that the expression "Some of my best friends are _______" has become a joke. In addition to her arguments against anti-Semitism, she said, "We have many friends that are Black, and we also fellowship with them in our church and in our home." 

Temp 1We hear weak, scattered applause after this comment. After her note about their attorney, we hear some laughter; perhaps people were embarrassed for her, or perhaps they thought she was poking fun at the old expression. But she was not.

President Trump continues to campaign for Roy Moore as we wait for the people of Alabama to decide tonight.


  • How do you assess Kayla Moore's speech? Her husband seems proud. How do you explain it? 
  • Do you agree with the criticism or find it too harsh? 
  • What else could Kayla Moore have said to support her husband?