Amtrak's leaders have apologized for a train crash in Washington that left three people dead and about 100 more injured. Two of the men who died were train enthusiasts who traveled together to experience the new route. In the past,... Read more →

Documentarian Morgan Spurlock published an account of his sexual conduct, admitting, "I am part of the problem." He demonstrates vulnerability and describes a situation which a woman describes as rape. He also admits that he was "unfaithful to every wife... Read more →

Companies have finally tackled the "Christmas" controversy to call their annual gatherings "Holiday" parties, and now they have a new challenge. With all of the sexual harassment allegations, how can they make their parties safe AND fun? Bloomberg reports how... Read more →

Delta announced that about 375 flights were cancelled because of weather conditions around Atlanta. In a short statement on its website, Delta explained the decision and provided customers with sources for more information. Since the first announcement, Delta posted a... Read more →

In a statement CNN calls "totally unapologetic," Minnesota Senator Al Franken has resigned. Although he was awaiting an ethics committee investigation, more women have come forward in the meantime reporting similar incidents of groping and forced kissing. A group of... Read more →