During a meeting about immigration policy, lawmakers heard President Trump ask why the U.S. would admit people from "s---hole" countries like African countries and Haiti instead of places like Norway. I have refrained here as have some TV news stations... Read more →

A recent Harvard Business Review article tells us the best way to cultivate self-awareness. We know that self-awareness is critical to leadership and self-development, yet new studies demonstrate the power and limitations of being self-aware. The author explains, "introspection doesn't... Read more →

NBC's Twitter account manager overstepped when posting about Oprah at the Golden Globes. The company tweeted a correction and removed the post: "Yesterday a tweet about the Golden Globes and Oprah Winfrey was sent by a third party agency for... Read more →

The country's fourth-largest bookstore is closing the last of its 45 stores. Communicating such bad news is difficult for any leader. Book World was a family-owned business since 1976, which probably makes the decision even more painful. The announcement, including... Read more →

At a campaign rally the day before her husband's election for U.S. Senator, Kayla Moore tries to convince audiences that he is a good man. As Roy Moore is accused of sexual assault and harassment of minors, Mrs. Moore tells... Read more →