A Wall Street Journal article explores the impact on employees whose company embarrasses them. When mired in a scandal, the company no longer reflects our values, and we may want to end the association. An employee at Uber, for example,... Read more →

After several women told similar stories about Louis C.K.'s sexual misconduct, the comedian wrote a statement (NSFW). Some appreciate Louis C.K.'s taking responsibility and consider it a far better response than we have seen from Harvey Weinstein or Kevin Spacey.... Read more →

Toyota's new advertising approach is to tailor Camry commercials to people based on their assumed ethnicity. If your history shows that you watch Scandal or Sunday Night Football, you'll get a particular ad. A New York Times article shows the... Read more →

A study by researchers at Tulane University found that CEOs who use "self-inclusive language" on earnings calls leave more positive impressions. Self-inclusive language means using first-person pronouns that include the speaker, and they can take singular or plural forms (for... Read more →

The Telegraph calls it a "car crash" and "one of the most disastrous conference speeches in history." British Prime Minister Theresa May faced three problems in front of the Conservative Party Conference in Manchester. First, a protestor interrupted the speech... Read more →