Amtrak's leaders have apologized for a train crash in Washington that left three people dead and about 100 more injured. Two of the men who died were train enthusiasts who traveled together to experience the new route. In the past,... Read more →

Documentarian Morgan Spurlock published an account of his sexual conduct, admitting, "I am part of the problem." He demonstrates vulnerability and describes a situation which a woman describes as rape. He also admits that he was "unfaithful to every wife... Read more →

Amazon's Alexa is coming to the office in the form of Echo. The company wants to install the voice assistant at offices for help with copying, meeting set-up, directions, and more. Wirecutter describes the technology and use: What sets Alexa... Read more →

A Wall Street Journal article explores the impact on employees whose company embarrasses them. When mired in a scandal, the company no longer reflects our values, and we may want to end the association. An employee at Uber, for example,... Read more →

A Boston University professor posted a Yelp review with personal comments about restaurant employees. Dirk Hackbarth, at BU’s Questrom School of Business, didn't like the service at Café ArtScience and wrote a review, referring to the employees' weight. He described... Read more →