A consumer lawsuit accuses Pepsi of falsely promoting Poland Spring Water. The product is marketed as "100% Poland Spring water," but the plaintiff group of 11 say it's really ground water. The company is accused of false advertising and misleading... Read more →

Last month, I wrote about creative charts posted by Business Insider. Today, the news website posted a traditional stacked column chart—an effective way to show parts of a whole. The chart, at right, shows the estimated number of Audi vehicles... Read more →

Business Insider gathered up a few Apple charts they call "eye popping." Some are useful and well done, while others are pretty but confusing. This first one, by Ishtyaq Habib, is beautiful but impossible to read at a normal size.... Read more →

United Airlines CEO Oscar Munoz has found some strength and a way out of the situation that angered so many around the world. The company admits that dragging a man off of a flight two weeks ago wasn't the best... Read more →

In 2015, did Snapchat founder Evan Spiegel say the app is "only for rich people" and that he didn't "want to expand into poor countries like India and Spain"? That's the claim by a former employee who is suing Snap... Read more →