Documentarian Morgan Spurlock published an account of his sexual conduct, admitting, "I am part of the problem." He demonstrates vulnerability and describes a situation which a woman describes as rape. He also admits that he was "unfaithful to every wife... Read more →

At a campaign rally the day before her husband's election for U.S. Senator, Kayla Moore tries to convince audiences that he is a good man. As Roy Moore is accused of sexual assault and harassment of minors, Mrs. Moore tells... Read more →

When David Chang's restaurant, Momofuku, received a negative review in the New York Times in 2016, he didn't respond with humility. In addition to lots of cursing, Chang rejected the criticism (f-words omitted): “I can’t ever read that review again—I’ll... Read more →

Amazon's Alexa is coming to the office in the form of Echo. The company wants to install the voice assistant at offices for help with copying, meeting set-up, directions, and more. Wirecutter describes the technology and use: What sets Alexa... Read more →

Another media star has fallen after reports of sexual harassment. NBC fired Matt Lauer after one complaint, but the company mentioned more were likely—and they have come. Several women tell about Lauer's inappropriate attention, advances, and exposure. He played what... Read more →