The CEO of Intel has bad news: a patch for a chip vulnerability will slow down computer operations. In an interview with Bloomberg, a technology analyst explains the typical process when finding security issues: companies find a bug and solve... Read more →

The country's fourth-largest bookstore is closing the last of its 45 stores. Communicating such bad news is difficult for any leader. Book World was a family-owned business since 1976, which probably makes the decision even more painful. The announcement, including... Read more →

Delta announced that about 375 flights were cancelled because of weather conditions around Atlanta. In a short statement on its website, Delta explained the decision and provided customers with sources for more information. Since the first announcement, Delta posted a... Read more →

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is under pressure to remove four statues that a group considers racist. More than 120 academics and artists signed a letter to persuade the mayor. The letter assumes that two monuments "have no... Read more →

After founding the first Chipotle restaurant in 1993, Steve Ells will leave his position as CEO and become executive chairman. Chipotle locations have struggled with food safety issues since 2008, when customers at a La Mesa, California, restaurant came down... Read more →