This may be more than mere mortals and business writers need to know, but typography is interesting. We often use default fonts that Microsoft chooses for us, but this graphic shows the many variables among them. The most commonly known... Read more →

People are posting videos of themselves destroying their Keurig coffee machines to protest the company's decision to pull advertising from Fox News because of an interview with Roy Moore. Moore, who is running for Senator for Alabama, has been accused... Read more →

A fraternity member's death was the last straw for the president of Florida State University. John E. Thrasher suspended all fraternity and sorority activities on campus, calling for "a new normal for Greek life." The student death, which occurred during... Read more →

When a prospective customer decides not to pursue a contract, what's the best reaction? Certainly not how Sweetery responded, with a long, insulting email. Amanda De Pascale says she was considering offering the company's food truck to her wedding guests... Read more →

A study by researchers at Tulane University found that CEOs who use "self-inclusive language" on earnings calls leave more positive impressions. Self-inclusive language means using first-person pronouns that include the speaker, and they can take singular or plural forms (for... Read more →