The NBA is speaking out about the controversy over whether players can "take a knee"—or kneel—during the national anthem, which NFL players have been criticized for doing. In a memo from deputy commissioner Mark Tatum, the message is loud and... Read more →

Netflix got high marks for a funny legal letter, which I realize is typically an oxymoron. A pop-up bar in Chicago showed Stranger Things, which is against Netflix's policy. In response, the company's lawyer sent a cease-and-desist letter, giving the... Read more →

The typically non-apologetic Uber is apologizing. Two factors likely caused the company's change: 1) a new CEO, and 2) losing its operating license in London. The new CEO has already demonstrated his vulnerability by talking about his emotions and showing... Read more →

In a speech during a lunch with African leaders, President Trump mentioned the African country "Nambia," but no such country exists. Critics took to Twitter and other social sites to slam the president for "inventing" or "making up" a country.... Read more →

SoFi CEO Michael Cagney has stepped down after sexual harassment charges. This is a blow to tech start-ups, like Uber, that have been criticized for a "frat" culture. SoFi is short for Social Finance, Inc., and is the largest online... Read more →