Indiana University is following what is starting to be trend: suspending campus Greek life. University officials say activities are banned until at least the spring. The decision follows similar recent actions by Texas State University, Ohio State University, Ball State,... Read more →

When a prospective customer decides not to pursue a contract, what's the best reaction? Certainly not how Sweetery responded, with a long, insulting email. Amanda De Pascale says she was considering offering the company's food truck to her wedding guests... Read more →

A comment posted on The New York Times website turned out to be gibberish. The replies were almost as funny as the post. People referred to political parties and Waiting for Godot. One reader understood what happened: a voice-to-text program... Read more →

The media has covered a phone call between President Trump and Myeshia Johnson, whose husband, La David, was a soldier killed in Niger. In an interview on Good Morning America with George Stephanopoulos, Johnson describes what the president said on... Read more →

As a sign of the times, WeWork has purchased Lord & Taylor's flagship store in New York City. WeWork leases office space to small companies and will rent some space back from the retailer, which will continue to operate out... Read more →