Flint, Michigan, is in the news again for poor water quality. After findings of too much lead in drinking water, the city was under an agreement to replace faulty pipes, provide water filters, and report on progress. However, advocacy groups... Read more →

We can talk about the opioid crisis and try to persuade people in many ways: by telling stories, showing pictures, or presenting data. The number of deaths from all drug overdoses in 2016 is 64,070, but without more context or... Read more →

Should CEOs get involved in political controversies? While some applaud "brand activism," others criticize business leaders who don't agree with their views. Papa John's CEO has been vocal about the business impact of NFL players not standing during the national... Read more →

A New York Times article and corresponding charts show how income inequality has increased. In 1980, low- and middle-income people saw healthy increases in income growth. In 2014, those in the lower income percentiles saw the least growth, while the... Read more →

Visuals matter, particularly for wine sales. I'm interested in the topic because friends just gave me a bottle labeled "Cow Tipping" for the fun name and graphic. But apparently not everyone agrees with this strategy for choosing wine. In the... Read more →